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Tradition and Innovation from Pumpkin Masters®

Pumpkin Masters® is the creator of the world’s first pumpkin carving kit that makes it easy to create intricate, decorative pumpkin designs. Since its introduction, the Pumpkin Masters® carving kit has changed the way millions of Americans celebrate Halloween.

Today, Pumpkin Masters® continues the tradition of innovation with a full product line including carving tools, lighting, decorations, trick-or-treat accessories, and more. We are deeply committed to upholding our reputation as America’s Trusted Halloween Brand.

Company History

free_pumpkin_carving_family_fun_traditionsFrom Our Family To Yours. . .
More than 60 years ago, a family in Colorado invented a pumpkin carving method using patterns and small saws. His children carved intricate pumpkins and carried them door-to-door to show the neighbors their creations. In 1986, as a tribute to their dad, the kids created a pumpkin carving kit to share with other families.

Thirty years after Pumpkin Masters® sold its first pumpkin carving kit, it was added to the Signature Brands, LLC family. At Signature Brands, we are excited to continue the Pumpkin Masters® tradition of creating products that change the way families carve pumpkins and to create products that enhance Halloween traditions.

Innovative Spirit

It was a family tradition and innovative spirit that prompted the creation of Pumpkin Masters®. With a single idea, the Bardeen family had an extraordinary impact on how people celebrate Halloween. The tradition of carving pumpkins has never been the same since the introduction of Pumpkin Masters®’ first product: the pumpkin carving kit.

Today, the spirit of developing innovative products is stronger than ever. Pumpkin Masters® has a dedicated team committed to building the best and most imaginative products in the industry.