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Frequently Asked Product Questions

Looking for a specific pattern or tool?

Pumpkin Masters® no longer produces tools or patterns to sell individually. New patterns are created each year to replace our older ones. However, many of these patterns are recirculated from year to year.

If you are looking for a lot of tools, we encourage you to purchase our Carving Party Kit®. It includes many tools, scoops, and 16 patterns. You can find the Carving Party Kit® and pattern books at most discount, drug, or grocery stores.

What retail location sells a specific kit?

Pumpkin Masters® products can be found at all major retailers. If your particular location does not carry a kit you are looking for it could be because that particular retailer did not purchase the kit from Pumpkin Masters® this year.

Why did my carving tool break?

All Pumpkin Masters® tools are designed to withstand the carving techniques designed for each pattern. When used incorrectly or with extreme force this may cause the tools to be damaged.

Can I get individual replacement parts?

Regrettably due to the large range of products Pumpkin Masters® manufacture we are unable to hold replacement parts for all items. Please advise us of the kit specifics, including the name of the kit as well as the shipping name & address. If a replacement is available we will advise and ship one to you. Send us a message on Facebook

Can I return or exchange a kit?

Should you need to return or exchange a Pumpkin Masters® kit for any reason, please take it back to the retailer in which the kit was purchased.

My kit is missing a part.

Please confirm the kit specifics, including the kit name along with shipping name & address. If the item is available we will send out a replacement kit to you. Send us your information via Facebook message.

Do the Pumpkin Masters® patterns work with mini pumpkins?

Unfortunately they do not.

How can I obtain a vintage, retro or formerly released Pumpkin Masters® pattern that is no longer in production?

We are currently in the process of uploading our entire historical database of patterns to be available to Pumpkin Masters® fans worldwide. This will take some time to ensure pattern quality, so please bear with us! We have some great stuff coming soon.