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Pumpkin Carving Accessories

Pumpkin Gutting Tool

Gut your pumpkin even faster with NEW Pumpkin Gutting Tool. Simply attach to any conventional power drill and de-seed your pumpkin in minutes.

Easy Grip Pumpkin Scoop

Built for comfort and strength, this NEW Easy Grip Pumpkin Scoop will make fast work out of gutting holiday pumpkins.

Black Cat Push-ins & Pumpkin Stand

Pumpkin Masters Black Cat Pumpkin Stand is a quick & easy way to transform an ordinary pumpkin into a whimsical black cat decoration! It’s perfect as a front door decoration and adds character & entertainment to your pumpkin.

Jack o’Lantern Teeth

Create a funny Jack ‘oLantern in minutes with Pumpkin Masters Jack o’Lantern Teeth! Simply carve a mouth in your pumpkin, insert the pumpkin teeth, and watch your creation come to life.

Lid Cutter Saw

Removing the top or bottom of your pumpkin has never been easier! Saw features a wide tooth profile and large handle to safely slice through the pumpkin with ease and can be used for simplistic carvings.

Jack-o-Ripper Scoop

Jack-o-lantern guts are no match for this scoop! The serrated edges “grab” strings out of the pumpkin frightfully fast, so you can have your pumpkin cleaned out in minutes and start carving patterns!

Bare Bones® Pumpkin Carving Tools

Looking to carve a simple pumpkin carving pattern or jack-o-lantern? Try our Bare Bones® Kit, it includes the tools needed to make pumpkin carving safe this Halloween.

4-in-1 Carving Tool

Add special effects to your carved pumpkins with the 4-in-1 tool. It is a multi-purpose pumpkin carving and sculpting tool with a double edge saw blade. It’s designed for simple and detailed pumpkin carvings.

4-in-1 Tool & Scraper Scoop™

Must haves for ultimate pumpkin carving! Our multi-purpose carving and sculpting tool with double-edge saw blade plus a scraper scoop™ — accessories for creating amazing carved pumpkins!