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Pumpkin Carving Decorating Kits

Day of the Dead Decorating Kit

NEW for 2018! Eight intricate patterns for those who love to carve skulls, words and detailed designs.

Emoji Pumpkins Decorating Kit

Create fun, Emoji-inspired pumpkins easily with Pumpkin Masters Emoji Decorating Kit. The kit includes simple patterns, paint, and stickers that allow you to create an Emoji pumpkin that is sure to give your guests a good laugh.

Trick or Tweet Decorating Kit

Keep your pumpkins #trendy with our NEW Trick or Tweet Pumpkin Decorating Kit. Includes 6 sticker sheets, and is #easyaspie to assemble.

Mini Pumpkins Decorating Kit

Mini pumpkins come to life with Pumpkin Masters Mini Pumpkins Decorating Kit, which allows you to easily paint and decorate your pumpkins to create a table centerpiece that will “wow” your guests.

Touch of Gold Decorating Kit

Create elegant pumpkins in no time with gold die-cut & scored crafting paper and paint. Simply fold along the scores and apply to the pumpkin with tape tabs. Try using on an artificial pumpkin that can be used as décor year after year.

Crafting Tape Kit

Crafting tape is the easy solution to creating pumpkin décor in minutes. Simply unroll the tape and apply to your pumpkin to create a stunning masterpiece! And added bonus, pumpkins can be decorated weeks before Halloween so they can be enjoyed longer.