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Pumpkin Carving Kits

Jumbo Carving Party Kit with Easy Grip Scoop

NEW Easy Grip Scoop makes pumpkin carving so fast and easy, you won’t have to worry about your friends stealing your scoop. There’s more than enough tools to go around!

Pumpkin Carving Kit

Create a pumpkin carving masterpiece with the #1 selling pumpkin carving kit in America! With scary to silly carving patterns to choose from, you are sure to be the envy at your next Halloween party! Our kit includes everything needed for a night of family fun, including 12 original carving patterns!

* Elements within each kit may vary by retailer.

Jumbo Carving Party Kit with Jack-o-Ripper Scoop

Pumpkin carving parties are a BLAST with this NEW kit which includes innovative Jack-o-Ripper Scraper Scoop and Comfort Grip Lid Cutter Saw.

Pumpkin Carving Kit w/ Lid Cutter Saw

Take the effort out of tiresome pumpkin carving with our NEW Comfort Grip Lid Cutter Saw, Scraper Scoop, Versatility Saw, and Starter Saw.

Jumbo Pumpkin Carving Kit w/ Easy Grip Scoop

Now with NEW Easy Grip Scoop, this kit makes pumpkin carving easier, faster, and more comfortable for all hands.

Jumbo Carving Kit with Jack-o-Ripper Scoop

NEW Jack-o-Ripper Scraper Scoop with removable handle and Comfort Grip Lid Cutter Saw are this year’s “must have” products for pumpkin carving ease.

Carving Kit of Horrors

This NEW kit contains Pumpkin Masters exclusive premium products like “The Scythe” Lid Cutter Saw, “Jack-o-Ripper” Scraper Scoop and “The Sickle” Carving Saw.

Day of the Dead Carving Kit

Our NEW Day of the Dead Pumpkin Carving Kit is sure to be a hit at any carving get together. Includes Double Edge Saw, Jumbo Drill, Scraper Scoop, Detail Saw and patterns.

Glowing Dioramas Pumpkin Decorating Kit

Create a masterful diorama inside your pumpkin with Pumpkin Masters Glowing Dioramas. The kit comes in three different varieties and includes pre-cut designs that allow you to create a 3D scene inside your pumpkin in minutes. Simply carve out your pumpkin, insert the pre-cut design, and light it up to watch your creation come to life.

Fluorescent Accents Carving & Decorating Kit

Pumpkin Masters Fluorescent Accents kit contains an ultraviolet spotlight that gives your pumpkin an intense, neon glow! Simply carve your design using our easy tools and patterns, and insert the fluorescent light to watch your masterpiece unfold.

Masters Collection Carving Kit

Pumpkin Masters Masters Collection Carving Kit is a premium carving kit that includes high-performing, stainless steel tools that allow you to easily create a masterful pumpkin design.

All in One Carving Party Kit

Features a variety of large handled tools so everyone in the family can carve at the same time. Each saw has been designed to safely carve through the pumpkin with precision while not cutting people skin.

All in One Kit

Features large handled tools that safely saw through the pumpkin with precision. Comes with 8 patterns and a range of difficulty levels so there is something for everyone to carve!

Faux Carving Kit

The first pumpkin carving kit that features saws especially designed to carve artificial patterns. Comes with 12 patterns that can be carved and re-used as pumpkin décor.

Carving Party Pumpkin Carving Kit

Throw a pumpkin carving party this Halloween for ultimate family fun with Pumpkin Masters Carving Party Kit! With 16 original carving patterns included, carving the standard jack-o-lantern isn’t an option! This kit includes everything from scary to silly carving patterns and tools made especially for kids with easy grip handles! Everyone will have Halloween fun showing off their impressive pumpkin carving masterpieces!

* Elements within each kit may vary by retailer.

Surface Pumpkin Carving Kit

Looking for creative pumpkin carving ideas to impress family and friends at your next Halloween party? Try carving pumpkins with our Surface Carving kit – a new way to carve pumpkins that doesn’t require hallowing out the pumpkin! This pumpkin carving technique is less messy and allows your pumpkins to last for days!

Decorating Punches Pumpkin Carving Kit

Create unique pumpkin carvings that are sure to be a big hit at your next Halloween party! Use the included carving patterns or create your own pumpkin templates to make one of a kind Halloween decorations! The punch tools are easy to use so everyone can have pumpkin carving fun!

Paint & Carve Pumpkin Carving Kit

Combine pumpkin carving & painting to get the ultimate Halloween decoration! The end result will outshine your standard jack-o-lantern and will become the center of attention at your next Halloween party!

360° Carving Kit

Looking for the next step to creating the Ultimate Halloween Decoration? Pumpkin Masters® NEW 360° Carving Kit has 6 specially designed patterns that are stunningly spooky from any angle. This is no ordinary jack-o-lantern! Now including stronger tools and full 360° designs there is no limit to creating your best pumpkin yet!

Sculpt & Carve Kit

Ready to take your carving skills to the next level? The combination of traditional carving and surface carving provides a more professional and dramatic pumpkin by adding depth and dimension. The perfect conversation starter at your next carving party!