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Pumpkin Carving Pattern Books


Sensational Shadows

Create a masterpiece that will be the envy of family and friends this Halloween! Sensational Shadows includes pumpkin patterns that allow you to carve the front and back of your jack-o-lantern. When lit, a shadow is cast behind your pumpkin carving creating the ultimate Halloween party decoration!

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Go back to the classics with Pumpkin Masters® Classics pattern book! From easy to intricate patterns – you can recreate your favorite Pumpkin Masters® pumpkins! Choose from a collection of our all-time fan favorites including Zippy Cat ’92 and Harvest Reaper ’02. You will be sure to have a blast from the past at your next pumpkin carving party with these 8 most requested patterns!

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Contest Winners

Recreate an award-winning masterpiece with Pumpkin Masters® Contest Winners Pattern Book! Choose from a collection of 8 award-winning patterns to show off to family and friends at your next Halloween party! Whether you choose the Headless Horseman pattern from ’87 or the Nevermore pattern from ’94 you will be sure to feel like a winner when displaying your pumpkin!

Print Pumpkin Carving Kit Packaging