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Spooky Pumpkin Lighting


Spooky Stares Light – NEW

Creepy eyes have never been more fun! Features dual lighting effects – steady on or blinking. Try using in pumpkins, bushes, sidewalks or more to add a haunted Halloween look in no time at all.

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Pumpkin Powered Light – NEW

Features color changing LED bulbs that shift from red, green and blue at various speeds to create a dazzling effect for any carved pumpkin. Light is activated once pressed into pumpkin flesh, turning on the light.

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3 in 1 Light – NEW

Battery-operated light is safer and easier to use than candles and provides multiple lighting effects. Illuminating your masterpiece has never been more fun as you can choose from three different lighting effects – dramatic strobe, natural, soft glow or color changing.

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High Intensity Light

Our brightest light ever! LED light delivers brighter illumination for pumpkin carvings, so details show up better. Features a built-in easel back that locks at 45 or 90 degrees to best highlight your carving.

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White Xtreme Strobe LED Light

Light up your carved pumpkin — safely. Our complete line of lights are safer than candles and are designed to ensure your pumpkin carving masterpiece is seen from a distance! Complete with 4 super bright clear LEDs and a strobe effect, this light will give you ultimate illumination.

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